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Data Analytics is very important in Business. Tweeky transform the way companies use their siloed data. We help organizations of all sizes, struggle in delivering robust, streamlined, and scalable BI solutions

Our Story

Tweeky is built for the future of business. This all began out of the founders frustrations at the challenges that many big companies they’ve worked with face in delivering internal enterprise level business intelligence solutions.​

In 2020, they decided all this had to change. With the help of BI experts, they started to solve business pain points like fragmented data management.


Today, Tweeky build some of the best BI solutions adapted to their clients needs to sustain their growth.

Get support from our expert, and build your success 

We leverage more than 10 years of experience in custom BI solutions, UX/UI design, product/project management and management consulting. Tweeky is more than just a company delivering BI solutions. We provide consulting to understand companies main challenges, and solve it.

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Tweeky's values

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