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About  Tweeky

Make work a better place

Tweeky strives to make data analytics easy for any company across multiple industries using custom BI solutions.

Our Story

Tweeky is a Silicon Valley start-up born in 2020 out of the founders’ frustration at the challenges that many big companies they’ve worked with such as LinkedIn, Google and Adobe face in delivering internal enterprise level business intelligence solutions.​

​Reality is, all of them, along with many companies regardless of size, struggle in delivering robust, streamlined, scalable and agile self-serve Business Intelligence solutions due to the complexity created by fragmented data systems compounded by lack of leadership and siloed approach to BI.​

​Covid-19 and the pivot towards remote and hybrid work emphasized the heightened demand for BI solutions that adapt and evolve with the business and the employees and leaders that build it.

Over 10 years of experience in BI

We leverage more than 10 years of experience in custom BI solutions, UX/UI design, product/project management and management consulting to deliver scalable BI solutions aligned with your strategic roadmap, data modeling and translating data into insights and beautiful dashboards.​

Let's work together

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